Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, I attended University of Illinois at Chicago and received a bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Analogue photography is my passion and I have been shooting film for 15 years with various analogue cameras. I have dedicated many years to a study of the human body and the limits of abstraction which I shot on the 4x5 view camera.

From about 2012 through 2015 I worked on a street project that centered around graffiti and the decay of the less developed areas around Chicago.

In 2016 I moved to Seattle, Washington where I've been working at a photo lab and have been able to further my experience with developing, scanning and printing film. 

I continue to shoot street photography, landscapes and everything in between while exploring my new environment here in the PNW.

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Past exhibitions:


Oscar Luis Martinez Fine Art Gallery, Chicago Arts District 2nd Friday Opening

Solo Exhibition: Double Exposed Panoramas

June 12, 2015

1841 South Halsted St., Chicago IL.

Find Rangers #4 Double Exposed: a group juried exhibition and Magazine release
September 13, 2014
Book & Job Gallery
838 Geary St, San Francisco, California 94109

Chicago to Lima: a LOMO film swap. A Group show
September 25, 2014
1118 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60622

Blick's 12x12 show: a juried exhibition
September 25, 2014
42 S State street, Chicago, IL

Chicago arts district 44th annual open house: a Solo exhibition
Panorama and Polaroid show
October 10th & 11th, 2014
836 W Cullerton, Chicago, IL

Oscar Luis Martinez Fine Art Gallery, Chicago Arts District 2nd Friday Opening

Solo Exhibition: Polaroids

September 2013

1841 South Halsted St., Chicago IL.


Woman Made Gallery: While In Class, A Juried exhibition
January 2010

2150 S Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Special thanks to all the wonderful artists and galleries that have supported and represented my work!